With Tracey Fitzgerald-Rothery

Bradford, West Yorkshire


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Hypnotherapy & Reiki

Tracey has always had healing hands. As a small child this manifested itself in a love of all creatures great and small, furry or feathered. Once she realised that she had the ability to soothe creatures who are frightened and in pain, the family greenhouse and garage became an animal hospital.


She left school with science qualifications and worked in a variety of industries until 1996 when she entered the pharmaceutical industry as a specialist medical representative. At approximately the same time she took her first qualification in holistic therapies and found that massage was greatly enhanced by her healing hands. Initially this was for the benefit of friends and family, as her reputation became established, she became a massage-based healer.

Whilst the pharmaceutical industry is both challenging and rewarding. The changes to the NHS meant that Tracey felt more and more disconnected from her motivation to get patients the very best treatment, by the guidelines enforced on prescribing. She found that her personal feelings and beliefs were more and more at odds with her “day job” and like many others sought holistic therapies. She researched healing therapies and began to examine and explore the different types of Reiki.


In 2018 she was introduced to Reiki Unbounded and completed her Reiki Masters qualifications in March of 2019. In June of 2019 she became a mental health first aider and set up a practice to formally treat clients and to share hypnotherapy and Reiki experiences and workshops. She completed her hypnotherapy qualifications in November 2019 and began to explore the ancient Munay Ki shamanic pathways.


She continues to update her qualifications on an ongoing basis with a view of providing a bespoke service of holistic therapy and relaxation to each client.



When I moved to Yorkshire in 1988, I met and became friends with the late great Stan Ledgard who worked from and owned Spooks in Haworth.

He ran some spiritual classes as an evening class in Halifax and I think I attended all of them. I purchased some tarot cards and so began a love affair and minor addiction, I now have at least nine decks although I regularly use only one or two. I have read consistently for the last 30 years developing my skills and honing my abilities, I’ll bring all of the experience of a long time served tarot reader and the intuition and guidance of a Reiki master to each of my sessions.

Working with my colleague and friend Reuben Williams of the black cat treasury, I received a psychic Attunement in 2020. I liken the feeling to having a radio tuned in from being slightly “off station” . I am now able to bring a loving psychic connexion to my readings.